Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created. It’s true that the primary purpose of cases is to protect the apparatus inside. With over 35 years of experience and 3500 custom cases under our belt, we have proven that cases can do a whole-heck-of-alot more than that. Some custom case applications include:

  • Medical – Human Patient Simulators
  • Army Sub-Contractor – Storage Case
  • Geophysical – Battery Boxes
  • Optical Manufacturing – Carrying cases
  • Security Equipment Manufacturing – Sales Cases
  • Instrument Manufacturing – Sale Cases
  • Navy – Transport Cases
  • Audio Visual Rental – Projector Cases
  • Computer Training – Transport Cases
  • Surveillance Equipment Manufacturing – Various Cases
  • Marketing Department – Trade Show Cases
  • Telecom Manufacturing – Demo Cases

Fabricated Cases

  • Ability to design case and foam to fit almost any object

Custom Foam Inserts to Fit Any Sized Case

  • Several different foam choices
  • Laser scanned for precise designs
  • Waterjet machine for precise cutting

Customized Panel Mounts

  • Ability to router cases
  • Many capabilities with types of panel mounts

Custom Labeling

  • Top of the line laser engraving machine
  • Plastic labels with several color choices

Custom Overlay

  • Plastic engraved overlay with part descriptions or numbers
  • Protects foam so that it last longer

Custom Cases Gallery