At Quality Cases we specialize in many areas but we have the most experience with customizing foam. We have a variety of foam options to fit your application. Whether you already have a case or just need foam we can help. Contact us for more information, to have one of our team of designers ready to assist you.

Overview of our custom foam process:

  • Provide equipment, drawings, or models
  • Create the best design based on your requirements
  • Design fees typically range from $50-500 depending on complexity
  • Prints provided for approval
  • Once approved typical lead time is 2-3 weeks on standard cases and foam (may vary)

Below are some of the foam types we use depending on the application:


Quality Cases & Containers - Customizations - Foam - EthaFoam

Ethafoam foam has outstanding dimensional stability and recovery characteristics that provide optimal cushioning protection against repeated impacts. It is ideal for cushion packaging and is used in many applications, including computer, automotive, construction and recreation. EthaFoam is available in a variety of densities. Some properties include: Excellent Strength, Resistance to Creep Under Load, Vibration and Shock Absorbency, and Water Resistance Characteristics.

Expanded Polyethylene

Quality Cases & Containers - Customizations - Foam - EPE/EPP Foam

Exceptionally light beaded polyethylene foam.


Quality Cases & Containers - Customizations - Foam - Cross-Linked Polyethylene

This is a form of polyethylene that is chemically cross linked. It has many of the same characteristics of standard polyethylene but with smooth aesthetic feel and superior chemical and physical properties. It also has very low dust and is used in clean rooms. Available in multiple densities.

Open Cell Foam

Quality Cases & Containers - Customizations - Foam - Ester Foam

This is a soft spongy foam can be used for most general packing applications. It is very flexible foam perfect for cushioning sensitive equipment.


Quality Cases & Containers - Customizations - Foam - Convoluted Foam

Open celled foam with same characteristic of open cell foam. It is also called “eggcrate foam”. Mainly used in the lid of our cases to secure items.