Custom Tool Solutions

Step 1 - Select Enclosure

Do you need a custom foam solution for the drawer of a Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest? What about an existing Craftsman tool chest in the garage? Are you a service technician that needs a portable tool solution? No matter the application, it’s imperative we know the exact dimensions of the casing.

Step 2 - Scan Tools

We will help with the process of determining how many tools will fit in each drawers as well as the organization of the tools to ensure the best performance. Once everything looks good we scan the tools using our state-of-the-art in-house scanner. After the scan is complete, we look it over in a computer program and verify that everything looks good. Next we refine it by adding finger slots where necessary for quicker tool access.

Step 3 – Cut Foam

Finally the design is sent over to our in-house water jet to be cut. While we do stock many different types of foam here at Quality Cases & Containers we highly recommend closed cell polyethylene foam with a high contrast base for tool foam organizers.